COOLPACK Product description Our CoolPack straps replace cold poultices ice cubes and hard cold compresses They can be easily attached to the body and remain cold for a long time due to the external insulation Our CoolPack straps help in the event of accidents and immediately and effectively reduce inflammation and swelling Our CoolPack are available for legs knees elbows back stomach and wrist ankle Our covers are made of stretch material machine washable insulated against cold loss and additionally protect against direct skin contact with cold All of our Velcro fastenings are length adjustable and can be used hundreds of times Why Cool Pack Cool against swelling and pain Warm for flexibility and against arthrosis Use for carpal tunnel syndrome twisted ankle Available in 2 sizes knee elbow wrist ankle Versions CoolPack White Label Sports WHITE LABEL WRIST AND ANKLE KNEES AND ELBOWS PhysiotherapyHospital Household Medicine Application Areas WRIST BELT KNEE ARM

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