White Label products

Product description

Our Kuddler heat pads guarantee you pleasant, long-lasting heat relief over several hours. The insulating material cover is made of 100% cotton and is machine-washable, of course. Our heat pads can be heated both in the microwave as well as used with hot water.

Why Kuddler Heat Packs?

• Modern warm or cooling cushions, insulated covers containing Flexxum Gel pack
• Heat in microwave, hot water or electric baking oven
• Cool in refrigerator or freezer
• Long lasting comfortable heating & cooling
• Easy mobility and efficient treatment
• Many applications due body fitting


  • KUDDLER® own brand
  • White Label products

Warm: Large and small heat pads, hand warmers / muffs for both hands, hand warmers for one hand, foot warmers

Warm/cold: neck/head, shoulder/arm, dental, knee & arm, hips/lumbar, wrist/ankle, back/stomach, eye mask, sinus/eye