One-time instant compresses

White Label products

Product description

Our one-time instant compresses – warm (50°C) or cold (0°C) can be used for emergency aid. The packages are ready for treatment in just three simple steps and stay hot or cold for 20-30 minutes. The white cellulose coating lets the skin breathe at all times, while simultaneously stabilizing treatment temperatures.

Why Flexxum Instant Packs?

• Available in different sizes
• No self-activation during transport
• Easy activation
• Surround-seal technology for long lasting products tested up to 300kg pressure
• Single instant use


One-time instant compresses (warm or cold)

  • FLEXXUM® own brand
  • White Label products

Plastic bags: 10x13cm (120g), 10x26cm (200g), 13×15 cm (200g)
Felt bag: 10x26cm, 15x16cm (200g), 17x22cm (400g), 15x19cm (200g or

Felt bag: 15×16 cm (150g)
Available in felt or plastic bags