Orthopedic bandages

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Product description

Our elastic compression bandages are available for all standard application areas and as special major joint bandages. They are fast and easy to use, with the tried-and-tested Velcro-/adhesion system, strong and durable, washable and can be used as often as you want.

Our bandages can be washed at up to 40°C. The bandages are available in the popular colors white, beige, black, and other colors on request. All of our bandages are breathable and in addition keep the skin ideally dry by soaking up any sweat arising and releasing it outside.


  • FLEXXUM® own brand
  • White Label products

4,5x60cm, 4,5x90cm, 7x60cm, 7x90cm, 7x120cm, 9x60cm, 9x90cm, 9x120cm, 13,5x90cm, 13,5x120cm, and bandages for major joints and other special bandages. The lengths given are in unstretched condition. These can increase up to 50% in length through stretching.