Reusable compresses

White Label products

Product description

Our vacuum-packed quality gel remains pliable down to -25°C – the plastic tolerates temperatures down to -50° C. The gel is available from us in glacier blue, transparent / colorless, or when bought in larger quantities, in the color of your choice. Our gel naturally also always remains pliable when deep frozen, down to -25°C.


Reusable compresses (for warm and cold treatments)

  • FLEXXUM® own brand
  • White Label products

Warm/cold: 7×9,5cm, 7x38cm, 7x29cm, 7x19cm 10x26cm, 13x15cm, 13x30cm,15x19cm, 19x30cm, 26x28cm, 26x30cm 30x38cm

Reusable compresses with Velcro fasteners (for warm and cold treatments)

  • Bodypal® own brand
  • White Label products

19x35cm, 19x42cm, 19x56cm, 19x70cm, 19x84cm
Special size: 84x38cm